To help pain and muscle tightness. Improve relaxation and sleep.
Support for menopause, pregnancy, cancer, lymphoedema and lipoedema, fibromyalgia, CFS and ME. MLD for pre and post surgery (inc aethestic).
ScarWork coming soon!

Help and support to achieve
your best possible wellness

Massage that gets results

Make time for

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How I can help you
Massage therapist
Heather Mitchell

I'm passionate about the benefits of massage for helping your body and mind.  I won't give up on you and want to find ways to help you, especially if you have long-term health conditions.  My own health has had a few knock backs which has led me to discover what wellbeing approaches can offer.

07956 880103

"Be kinder to yourself, and then let your kindness flood the world"

Pema Chodron


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Martial Arts Shrine

Manual Lymphatic

For lymphoedema, cancer, cosmetic surgery, pregnancy, fibromyalgia ...

Remedial massage

Reduce pain, prevent injury, maintain function

Sports massage

Deep tissue massage

Scar massage

Holistic massage

Improve energy, ease

muscle tension, aid

relaxation and sleep, treat health conditions and maintain health 

Indian head massage

Hot stone massage

Warm bamboo massage


Tuina Chinese

massage - coming soon

Thai massage -

coming soon

Facials - coming soon

Pregnancy massage

Help your body adjust, 

relax, or pamper.

Good for mother

and baby!

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